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During these difficult, uncertain days we have been very fortunate to have Master Davidson proactively keep some consistency in our newly chaotic lives.

By providing online classes he’s created a sense of community with instructors and fellow students and has brought some routine back in our lives

The martial arts classes are our daughters highlight and they look forward to the daily classes.

Thank you Master Davidson for all you’ve done through these trying times

Mr. Chris M.

Become Stronger Outside & In With Our  Supportive Fun classes.

Our Purpose – “To create a positive life altering option for our students, families and community!”



You may have thought that the Seung-ri Academy was a great place to get fit and develop your personal safety skills….well, you’re right but there’s MORE than that.


As you gain in confidence and get stronger, you will also start to see some changes that many of our students didn’t anticipate, especially the younger ones. They are amazed by the subtle changes that happen when you train in our programs.

Classes and Courses


We offer exciting classes that can help your child improve their confidence, discipline, focus and yes personal safety skills. Each class wil also help them improve their coordination and physical skills. Most importantly our classes will give them a life skill to focus on while training


Gain physical and mental abilities not found in other forms of fitness training. Our classes can offer you the options, of  personal safety skills, mental and physical strength, confidence, focus, and discipline. Aspects of living that can improve all of our lives.



White Rock Kid's Karate and Martial Arts Birthday Parties provide a super-fun, supervised, structured party for your child. These parties include fun and games, as well as martial arts instruction. But the best part is... your child is the star of the show..

Kids absolutely love these parties, and talk about them for months.

Parents love how relaxing and stress-free they are. After all, we do all the work! Spots fill up FAST, so call us Today to book your child's party!


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We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with questions or special requests.

#2 2355 King George Blvd, White Rock, BC


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I’m Master Lorne Davidson


In Feb of 1996 at the age of 48 I declared bankruptcy. I thought my life was over. Little did I know that when I started my martial arts training in the summer of that same year that my life was just beginning. My martial arts journey has been the most profound experience of my life and has led me to a path of success, confidence and satisfaction.

The experience has given me the undying belief that united we can build a community based on positivity, structure and confidence making our community and world a safer place. Will you join me in this mission?


The Seung-ri Academy transforms our students’ social, emotional and leadership skill. More than ever our children are addicted to technology; at Seung-ri our purpose is to establish the benefits of discipline in their lives. We provide the most enjoyable environment to help get them focused on doing the right thing.


Life skills, leadership, socialization, personal safety, building community and working on physical fitness consistently develops strong habits that lead to making better choices.


We make DISCIPLINE fun. Our exclusive Life-Skills program instills Respect, Self- Esteem, Discipline, Belief, Honesty and communication centering on a positive, engaging martial arts program. Our instructors invest in each student, reviving positivity and developing their physical fitness.


As parents and mentors, it’s critical to give children what they need, and not just what they want. What they want is usually something that will make them happy and satisfied now. What they need will make them better people in the future. At Seung-ri we will give them the structure they need and the fun they want.


If you want your children to learn to love discipline, while enjoying themselves at the same time, the Seung-ri Academy is the place for you!


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About Seung-ri Academy in South Surrey, BC,

In addition to all the benefits above, our students ALSO experience:

  • Boosted Self-Esteem

  • Improved Teamwork & Goal Setting Skills

  • Core Strength & Hip Movement Development

  • Gains in Fitness & Energy Levels

  • Fit Friends for Life


Students use our classes as a highly effective training tool for personal defense, a boost to weight loss and fitness gains, or even as a stand-alone martial art.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will Martial Arts make my kid violent?

 No, in fact martial art can make our children calmer and more respectful. Martial art has always been about self control and discipline

Can my child get injured with Martial Arts?

As a parent, I'm sure you've seen that children can get injured doing just about anything. Martial arts is no different, however we take safety very seriously here. Yes, injuries do sometimes happen. But we do everything in our power to avoid them. We do special exercises and stretches to make your child's body limber and flexible.

My child isn't athletic. Can they still participate in Martial Arts if
they're not athletic?

Absolutely. Martial Arts teaches children to be coordinated, flexible and strong. Children who don't naturally have these qualities develop them. Childen who do have these qualities grow them even more.

Are these Martial Arts classes fun?

Yes, when we are dealing with children or any age for that matter our activities have a component of fun. Every class has a variety of exercises and activities that have our student laughing and smiling, we work hard-but we play just as hard.

Is there a risk for injury with martial arts?

Any sport or form of exercise comes with a risk of injury. However, there are a few things that make our program very safe. It's because of these few things that we barely see any injuries with our program.

Stretching: At the beginning of every class we go through a series of stretches. These stretches get your muscles and joints ready and warmed up for exercise.

Supervision: Every class is supervised by trained, licensed professionals. We watch carefully to make sure no student is doing anything in a dangerous or unsafe way.

In short, we place a tremendous amount of focus on fun and safety. It's because of this that we feel confident telling you that while there is risk for injury with our program - it's a very small risk.

What level of fitness is required for martial arts

People come to us of all fitness levels. We get natural-born athletes, and we get people who have a harder time with athletic endeavors. However, everyone gets the same focus and attention.

If you're not in great shape, don't worry. Go at your own pace, and we'll do everything we can to help you learn each and every technique. Soon enough, your physical fitness will improve, and you'll be in better shape than ever!

Is martial arts violent?

No but it's often thought of as violent. However, the philosophies behind martial arts revolve around peace and harmony. The moves are more of a way to become connected with your body. We teach diplomacy and friendship. However, if a violent situation ever arises in your life, you'll have tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.